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title = "Services hosted on"
description = "This page lists the various servers running under the domain name and by who and how they may be accessed."
date = 2021-06-29
updated = 2021-07-14
updated = 2021-07-19
Besides this website, my domain also has a number of other services/servers running that are set up for learning purposes or for personal use by myself, family and acquaintances.
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(My matrix user is [``](
Family and friends may also get their own accounts here, if they want.
* [Pi-Hole]( I use a Pi-Hole to filter out unwanted content within my home network. For purposes of easy access and TLS-encryption the admin interface has a ``-address but it can only be accessed from home or via VPN for obvious security reasons.
* [Gitea]( I'm currently experimenting with the Git Server software Gitea as a lightweight alternative or addon to GitLab. Account creation can only be done manually by me.
* `*`: This is a testing subdomain for temporary servers and nothing running here is expected to live longer than a week. If you have questions or concerns about the systems running under `` or its subdomains, you [may contact me via email](
* Minecraft Server (rarely): If I am currently hosting a minecraft server for myself and friends, it will (almost) always be available to connect under `` and use whitelisting to keep out strangers.
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Things I may set up in the future:
* personal mastodon server
* a git server (like GitLab community edition)
* a self-hosted (outgoing) email server for configuring email notifications from the different servers (and maybe personal use)