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Jonas Tobias Hopusch 2023-05-20 12:09:04 +02:00
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@ -17,8 +17,6 @@ Besides this website, my domain also has a number of other services/servers runn
- [**Forgejo**]( This git server was migrated from Gitea to Forgejo on 2023-01-17 as an emergency measure due to the potentially hostile takeover
of the Gitea project.
Account Registration is limited to whitelisted email domains and accounts need to manually be confirmed by me before becoming active.
- [**Vaultwarden**]( Instance of this Bitwarden server implementation for storing and synchronizing my access credentials
and other secrets on my own infrastructure.
- [**Caddy public fileserver**]( For holding and serving public files directly via HTTPS without needing to go through Nextcloud.
Has increased compatibility for use-cases like embedding images or media on this website.
- [**Vikunja Task Management**]( Online To-Do list and Tasks management. Family and Friends can request accounts to be created for them